San Francisco 2015

This trip starts as a voucher for $500 for each of us to fly with United Airlines. We got bumped from business class on the Belize City to Houston portion of our flight home November 2014. We have to use the vouchers within the year. We want only direct flights. There are two choices: Chicago or San Francisco. It is November. We pick SF.

We get gorgeous blue skies and warmish weather. Perfect for sightseeing.

Seonag and Geoff join us. She picks the hotel. The Mandarin. Perfect location for walking everywhere.

We eat in Little Italy one night. A Mexican lunch across the bay in Sausalito is memorable. An evening at a basement blues bar is entertaining. A birthday dinner at a restaurant in the Mission district called Foreign Cinema delivers inventive food in a hipster environment. A decent way to turn 62!

Four days in SF. We see all the tourist sights. The last afternoon, when the rest of them go to a museum, I find my way to the famed “painted ladies”, to catch them in the perfect late afternoon light. The others grumble about the museum. I get my quintessential San Francisco shot.

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