Mexico Feb 2011

Oaxaca, Huatulco, PV

February 2011 is, as usual, overbooked. We are in the midst of listing our half duplex on E 14th for sale in order to provide funds for the E 2nd Ave project. An interim move to E 19th is tempting. We give the main floor tenant notice so we can move in, list the duplex for sale and give the E 2nd tenants – all three suites – notice so we can begin construction. A three week trip to Mexico has been planned and cannot be changed. Our friend Bianca’s son Curtis moves in to do cat care for Casey and Pico. Casey will be sick by the time we get home and will die shortly after.

We fly first to Oaxaca. Fall in love with its warm colours, spicy food, colourful crafts. Monte Albans, an Olmec ruin, is a few kms out of town. We go on a bus tour. Visit a carpet weaving guild in a small village, Sample mescal at another.

From Oaxaca we fly to the coast, to Huatulco, a series of bays. Not our cup of tea. Too many boats or something. And very hot.

Going through Mexico City, we fly to Puerto Vallarta and meet my family there. Steve & Jaclyn arrive first. It’s pretty easy as we are the Costa del Sol Sur. They get a cab and figure it out. We are next, arriving later that day. Judy and Jake arrive in the night. We spend a week at the hotel, then move to a house in Conchas Chinas. Private pool, two staff, steps to the beach, a short walk to the south end of PV. Luxurious.

Another PV adventure. We’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve been here. It is a wonderful respite from the stress of packing, moving, unpacking, starting a major renovation. That is what we go home to. Well rested and tanned.

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