Mexico 2006

Craig's 50th Birthday

April 2006. Puerto Vallarta. Costa del Sol Sur. A big group: Donna, Ron, Jeanne, Don, Seonag, Debra, Sharon, Ray, Bruce, Syl, Craig & I. An early celebration of Craig’s 50th. Jeanne’s too.

This time Seonag is the first to arrive and has been drinking, starting with the greeting margarita, and then a few more to keep the first one company. Donna quickly follows suit. We have dinner at the hotel restaurant. The two of them don’t show up. At breakfast the next morning all of the introductions have to be redone as no one remembers anyone else.

It is also Bruce’s birthday and we have a cake for him. He falls in the pool on top of Sharon, who has just pushed him in. She thought she was going to drown under the weight of his drunken 250 lbs.

We ride horses, take a boat from Mismaloya to Las Animas. Go to the usual restaurants. A new one back along the river called Las Arborlitas, the little tree. And there is a tree in the middle. Not so little. We get a boozy dessert after the chef sends a stream of rum down the peel of a whole orange, then lights it on fire.

Debra is mourning the death of her partner David, last year. She’s happy to be along but does not like being without a man. Ron is newly sober and sneaks away to AA meetings in town. Jeanne & Don leave early and Jeanne will discover bed bugs when she gets back to Calgary, resulting in the complete turn-over of all beds, fabrics and furniture in the house. We will leave after the week, but Donna & Ron, Sharon & Ray & Debra will stay on.

Next year Craig’s dad will die and the next year Debra will be gone. I’ll be retired. We will soon do another renovation and move to the E 2nd house. But for this week in PV all that is still in the future. We drink, eat, and laugh. Stay out late and sleep in. Nap by the pool. Walk on the beach. Engage in drunken political debates. Laugh some more.


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