Blake’s birthday

Preeceville, Canada

We end our Saskatchewan trip with a celebration of Blake’s first birthday. Family and friends gather at my niece Erin’s sister-in-law’s house in Preeceville, where we are forced indoors by a torrential rain storm. A prairie monsoon that is not welcomed by the local farmers who complain that they have had “ENOUGH RAIN ALREADY”!

Although we’ve not seen some of my brother-in-law’s family, the Stolars, for a decade, their warmth and friendliness leave us feeling an integral part of their circle. Much catching up, laughter and a few heated political discussions are part of the success of the afternoon. We are a noisy group and I wonder what Erin’s in-laws, the Eriksons, think of our boisterousness? Guess they’ll have to get used to it!

Blake waxes between charmingly adorable and crankily unhappy. Being the centre of attention of 40 plus people, some of whom he barely knows, seems a bit much to ask of this wee fellow. But he is mostly agreeable, particularly when targeted by a camera.

By the time the gifts are opened and the birthday cake consumed, Blake is more than ready for bed. He missed his morning bottle and afternoon nap. Who wouldn’t be upset and tired? Except, for some of us, it is an afternoon nap and evening bottle.

As we troop out and head for home the sky clears and the sun comes out. The hour and a half drive back to Melville, at sunset, is a panorama of more of the prairie scenery we have come to appreciate.

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