Big Chill 2023

Another Okanagan Orgy

Big Chill 2023 is 36 yrs old. Approximately half my age. For almost half my life I have been getting together with you guys. All you little chillers are approximately half way to our ages and you’ve been there from the beginning. Not the beginning of big chill (no, thank god). The beginning of your lives. What a testament to friendship. We rock!! We always have and we always will.

Also, as a side note, we were eleven chillers this year. As in 11. Some say that numbers that are really just one number repeated are special. You know, like 666. Jeanne & Don please come back! Jono & Jenn too. Maybe Thomas?

It was a party to remember. But only, like, if someone takes some photos. Cause one day we’ll all have dementia and will need help remembering what a fekin’ (this is how they say it at Alert Bay) good time we had.



  1. Nice to see you guys continue to do well. I still live in #105, do drop in if you’re in town.

  2. Shelley walsh says:

    As always your writing is wonderful and so enjoyable.hope you had a great trip and lots of laughs .
    Off tmr to Spain. Looks like Donna is also a having a great trip

  3. Sharon Brubacher says:

    That looks like an awesome time – and that next gen is so much in too. You say 11 people but I counted 16 in one photo. Fun to see everyone.

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