Big Chill 2019

Thirty-two years of annual gatherings by the Big Chill folk brings us to West Kelowna, thanks to Don. THANKS, Don!!

The sun shines down upon us as we mostly lounge about. By the pool. On the deck. In the family room. For some reason this year the TV becomes a source of entertainment. I say bring back the dancing. But we do bond over tennis and Dorian and those sad walrus, leaping to their deaths because of starvation. 

The house manages to house all 14 of us, including the dining room. Thanks for pushing that, Craig. Saturday night sees all of us at one table enjoying a lavish feast, skillfully prepared by Jenn and Jonno (sp?). Thanks J & J for a memorable meal. We all think Jonno might have overdone it trying to impress us, but we are certainly not complaining. Hoping you bring him back Jenn. 

Donna, as usual, tells us what we are going to do each day. And, as usual, we do it. A dog beach, a Rose Valley hike, downtown Kelowna, Peachland farmers’ market. Thanks, Donna. 

I think Shelley is likely responsible for booking the ladies’ golf. Thanks, Shelley! I’m not at all hurt not to have been invited. No, really, not hurt at all. 

Jim provides the expected right-of-centre perspective on our misguided left-leaning politics. Thanks, Jim! It’s what we all look forward to all year.

Ron provides an opportunity for us all to sing Happy Birthday. We sound pretty good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON!! And, thanks for turning 69 first. 

The little chillers all provide an interesting connection to their generation. Millennials. We find them endlessly fascinating in the ways they are different from how we were. Or rather, how we think we were. But it feels like a pretty narrow generation gap once we start partying with them. Some things never change.

What did I do you might be wondering. Not fcuking much. Made some food. Washed a few dishes. Sat with Pico. Took photos. Wrote a story. 

Jeanne, we missed you. 

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