Big Chill 2018

It almost didn’t happen. It was a busy summer for all and finding a few days to gather turned out to be impossible. So Big Chill 2018 ended up a bit of a mish mash. Jim, Shelley, Keaton, Kristie, Sydney & Simon all made it for the entire August long weekend. Donna & Ron managed Saturday night. Jeanne, Don, Jenn, Thomas & Kyle were missing. But we carried on in their absence.

The venue, Bev & Craig’s cottage, was perfect for the hot weather. We swam, lounged on the dock, had cocktails in the various shady spots on our property,  and generally just hung out, catching up on everyone’s lives and debating the issues of the day.


  1. Charlotte Sutcliffe says:

    Bev you have a lovely house. The water looks so warm and inviting. Looks like a fun time had by all.

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