Big Chill 2017

Party anyway!

We gather for the 31st time at Metchosin, a beachside village south east of Victoria. Originally planned to coincide with Jenny’s wedding, which did not happen, the weekend motto is “party anyway”! And there are other reasons to party, including Don’s 61st birthday.

We celebrate Don’s birthday with a Godfather themed party at an Italian restaurant in downtown Victoria. Jenny entertains us with a slide show and Jeanne recites a poem she’s written to cleverly link Don with The Don. Not to be confused with The Donald!

Our VRBO rental is right on the coast, with gorgeous views of the Victoria skyline and Mount Baker. We hang out on the beach, hike scenic trails along the peninsula, cool off in Matheson Lake and engage in the usual loud political debates that characterize our camaraderie. Donald Trump provides great fodder for this year’s ranting.

The group shot is an homage to a legacy of weekends meant to celebrate lasting relationships.




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