Big Chill 2012

Osooyos odyssey

Shelley has a friend who has a townhouse on the lake at Osoyoos. Add a second townhouse and we’ve got accommodation for the eight of us. Another adult-only Big Chill. 

We tour the gorgeous wineries of southern BC. N’mip, Desert Hills and a few more that I cannot recall the names of. Lunch in Osoyoos. Hike along the lake. Debate politics. Swim. Eat. Drink. 

The townhouse architectural style evokes the southwest in a way that is enhanced by the weather, typical fall in southern BC, dry, sunny, hot. The sage and other desert scrub and the vineyards complete the scene. The wines are mostly dry, like the arid land. Terroir. 

We’re a quarter century into Big Chills. Twenty-six of them. Funny, we don’t feel that old. We certainly don’t party that old!!

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