Big Chill 2011

25th Annual!

All of the big chillers gather this year, the 25th Big Chill. Shuswap Lake. Bev and Craig’s cottage. Kyle and Keaton both make it and bring girlfriends. We meet Zaria and Kristi. Jenn, Sydney and Thomas are absent. Donna’s friend Linda, her daughter and her grandson stop in from their cottage the next development over. We stayed in their cottage in ’96, when we first spyed our own property. 

We wine tour and hike, swim (it’s cold), eat, drink, fire pit, smoke cigars, play scrabble, kayak and dance. Some of us even dance on the kitchen counter. Because of Jeanne, we eat healthy food. Thanks, Jeanne! The organ meat gets mixed reviews. But you can’t win ‘em all. 

Kristi will become part of the group. Of course, we don’t know that yet, but we like her and Keaton seems to feel the same way. Zaria, we won’t see again. We don’t know that yet either, but she and Kyle will eventually break up. 

And so the Big Chill evolves with new little chillers and friends dropping in. The core 8 of us have stayed consistent. No death. No divorce. So lucky!!


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