When I get an email from Donna, forwarding an invitation from Lars and Marianne, about a kayaking trip in the Sea of Cortez, I jump at the opportunity. And sign on immediately. Black Feather tours has a trip in February. A one week excursion in kayaks, paddling around Isla Espiritu Santo. Island of the Holy Spirit.

The scenery alone is worth the trip. Turquoise water, pink cliffs, golden beaches, azure skies, multi-hued sunrises and sunsets. A photographer’s dream come true.

The paddling is less strenuous than I would have thought. Three days, then a day off at camp, and another three days. The first two I am in a double kayak with Craig. The third day I am assigned a solo paddle. Chino and Tulio, our capable guides, have assessed that I am strong enough for this challenge and they are mostly right. The final hour paddling against a strong wind into a horseshoe shaped bay is taxing, but doable.

The photos showcase the scenery much better than any words I could conjure.

    • Beverly MacNeill says:

      M & W, thanks! I published it by mistake as it is an old trip. Still learning the ropes! Have sent an oops email, but glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, am happy with the new website, but it is complicated and I expect to make a few more booboos.

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