The “Rainbow Nation” 10 Years Later

Cape Town, South Africa

Our first trip to this gorgeous country was Dec, 2004, the 10 year anniversary of the end of apartheid. A lot has changed in the intervening 10 years. The downtown area in particular seems more vibrant and feels a lot safer. What is also different on this trip is that we are with a group – 10 of us in all – and one couple who lived here for most of their lives, so they know their way around. Local knowledge makes such a difference in everything from negotiating traffic, to choosing which wineries to visit, to knowing which beach the penguins hang out at.

We are staying in an 8 bedroom heritage house on the beach at a town south of Cape Town called St. James. There are shops and cafes close by and the Indian Ocean pounds ashore just outside our door.

Monday, our first day here, was spend in the wine region around Stellenbosch, about an hour east of Cape Town. So far everything we’ve tasted has been delicious and inexpensive and we have purchased enough wine to keep the region economically stable for several months. Needless to say that leads to much revelry around the dining table every evening!

Tuesday we drive along the cape peninsula to the tip, stopping along the way to swim with penguins and watch baboons. One very bold mother takes advantage of an open car door in a parking lot, leaping in and stealing carrots.

Wednesday was a shopping day, the highlight of which was the Green Square market in central Cape Town. An array of african arts & crafts, colourful vendors and a group of very hot looking male dancers provided ample entertainment.

I’ve worked hard to edit my photos down to a few that will capture the first few days here. I hope you enjoy them!

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