NY May 2009

Leonard at Radio City

It is May 2009 and I am newly retired. Restless. Want to go somewhere. Have some ideas. Follow some leads. End up booking a week in New York for me, 4 days for Craig, to coincide with a Leonard Cohen concert at Radio City Music Hall.

I fly out on a red-eye on Sunday night, arriving at 0700 the next morning. At the Gershwin Hotel. The mid-thirties, east side. Murray Hill. My preferred ‘hood in NY. Jeanne and Don decide to join us. Don arrives on Tuesday night. I get two days on my own. To shop, of course. Then Don arrives and we go out for dinner and he gets very drunk. The next day Craig arrives and Don has someone new to drink with. We walk to the Met, through the park. Lay down for an hour on the grass and sleep. Another late, rough night. We see some plays. August: Osage County. Tour the Tenement Museum.

Leonard is magical. He gets a standing ovation when he comes on stage. I’ve never experienced such cultishness at a concert. We are all mesmerized by his performance.

This is my fourth time in New York. I like it more and more. With each visit more of the city’s charms reveal themselves. There is so much life on the streets, on every street, street after street, ‘hood to ‘hood. History, art, fashion, theatre, food. So much culture to experience and enjoy. It’s a place we will return to over the years. It goes on our list of places we’d spend a month. September in NY. AHHH.


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