Here we go again!

Vernon, Canada

I write this on the eve of a 7 week trip to South America, so forgive me if it seems done in haste. It is!! Here is what I can recall.

The festivities start on the Wednesday with the arrival of Jim & Shelley, Keaton, Kristi, Sydney & Kyle. Craig & I arrive on Friday afternoon to find a crew who has already partied hardy but are up for more. Jeanne, Don, Jenny, Scott & Tommy have opted for a quiet weekend at Ucluelet, celebrating Jeanne’s milestone 60th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANNE!!

This year Lando, a gorgeous black standard Schnauzer, joins the party.

Friday night we feast on a steak dinner. Thanks Jim for your expertise with the grill!

Saturday we take a walk, or should I say zip, on the wild side at Oyama Zipline Adventures. The photos tell the story best. We are joined by Donna & Ron’s friends Mike, Lynn & Sean. I am the only one who balks at the first tower, but peer pressure eventually wins the day and I take a leap of faith, to discover a whole lot of fun!

Sunday morning some hike around the mountain, while Jim &  Shelley golf and others sleep. A trip to the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong is a fun outing. The mini-horse chuckwagon races and the food are highlights.

Sunday night the little chillers cook for us, a first. Their Mexican meal is a big hit. They are as committed to the Big Chill as the adults and it was their insistence this year that made it happen. Way to go kids!!

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