Big Chill 2013

Kootenay caper

The last adult-only Big Chill. Of course, we don’t know that at the time. But starting next year, the kids will join us at these annual events. We are flattered that they want to spend time with us!

We travel to a house on the shore of the Columbia River, where it flows out of Kootenay Lake, just north of Nelson. It’s a superb location. Unfortunately the weather is rainy and the house a bit run-down. Not that we are much bothered by any of that. We make ourselves comfortable inside and put on our gortex outside. 

And we don’t complain about the weather too much as we hear about the flooding in Calgary. Epic! Catastrophic! Five dead. Over 100,000 displaced. Record breaking water levels and flow rates. More than $5 billion damage. Mammoth clean-up. It boggles the mind! Jim & Shelley live on high land and are not worried about their home. Kyle lives down by the river and is evacuated. 

So we happily hike in the rain and when the sun comes out we head into downtown Nelson for some shopping and lunch. It’s Shelley’s birthday, a reason to celebrate, not that we need one. There’s cake and gifts. And plenty of gratitude for our good fortune and our friendship. 


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